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Most of my code sample come with source code and are completely FREE for non commercial use. Please find below the code projects for download.

Clever Algorithms in Python

Implementation of Clever Algorithms in Python.  See Overview, Stochastic Algorithms – Part 1 & Part 2

Computational Geometry

Computational Geometry has some of the algorithms implemented in c#. It includes algorithms for finding relative orientations of points, line segments and vectors among others. This project is a result of the following blog posts Algorithms in Computational Geometry – Part 1 & Part 2. Please read them before downloading this.


Is a lightweight, humane web compatible markup generator. It generates valid XHTML output using simple easy to remember conventions and text characters (a.k.a modifiers), to markup plain text. NTextile is especially useful to provide quick and valid markup for .NET web applications. For e.g. blogs, online forums, content management systems etc.


Is an extreme DataGrid control with custom properties and methods which make life easier for the developer. It has all the functionality of a standard Datagrid plus a few others. XGridMax is an industrial strength DataGrid with custom ColumnStyles and functionality.

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