Dr Richard Feynman-The Messenger Lectures

I became aware of the great physicist Dr Richard Feynman in 1988-1989 through his 1985 memoirs, ”Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman” . I was immediately taken by his wit, humor and his easy way of explaining concepts. I knew about his work on the Presidential commission investigating the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. His famous experiment of throwing an O-ring seal in ice water to demonstrate why the shuttle blew up caught the attention of the world. Dr Richard P. Feynman is arguably the most brilliant, iconoclastic and influential of the postwar generation of theoretical physicists.

I sort of forgot about him for many years. Then out of the blue I see this today. Bill Gates has bought and released to the world a series of video lectures given by Feynman at Cornell University. Called Project Tuva, it shows Feynam at his best: caustic, humorous and at the same time very insightful.

It was a delight to finally put a face to the man, who made quite a impression on the young me through his book. I am grateful to Bill Gates for bringing to the masses this gem.

Here is the link to the video series.


[You will need Silverlight installed to view this lectures]

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