Why WordPress instead of DNN?

The irony of a site which evangelizes .NET using WordPress is not lost on me. I was on DNN (DotNetNuke) till recently. Also I wasn’t just a simple user. I wrote and hosted a few modules for DNN myself. People who visited my site in my previous avatar, would know that I also open sourced my modules (Random quotes, Review, Simple Download etc).

Then why did I move to WordPress? After following DNN till version 3.1, I couldn’t keep up with the changes and modifications that were required for upgrading my DNN installation. I was spending more time in upgrading and troubleshooting than on my main mission of evangelizing .NET. Also the cost of hosting DNN was high. I had to pay for SQL Server usage on top of hosting.  I wouldn’t mind paying for SQL Server hosting if it brought me more value than just running DNN. But it didn’t.

Also the time it took to setup and run DNN was immense in comparison to WordPress. I could get my new revamped site up and running in exactly 15-30 mins!!!!! Yes minutes not hours….

Most of my time was spent selecting the theme than anything else. I also realized that most of my previous DNN modules were available and in better shape in WordPress plug ins. Another plus was the ease of setup, upgrade and site management. Hosting was also really cheap… No SQL Server etc.

Here is a breakdown of my tasks and the amount of time taken vis-a-vis DNN

Task DNN WordPress
Learning Framework 5 Days 2 Hours
Setup 2 Days 30 Minutes
Modules/Plugins Installation 1 Day 30 Minutes
Data for Modules/Plugins 2 Days 3 Hours
Troubleshooting 3 Days None
Upgrade for Modules/Plugins and framework 5 Days Automatic/Almost Instantaneous
Adding new features 1-2 Weeks 30-60 Minutes
Ongoing Maintenance 1 Day 30 Minutes

As you can see from the table above. I saved a lot of sweat, toil and tears. Maybe there are other web frameworks in .NET which are just as easy as WordPress, but I am ignorant of them. 

All in all this post is not about bashing DNN. It is about why WordPress is such a superior CMS. Though people use it for setting up their blogs, in my experience its CMS functionality is even better and underutilized. 

I am seriously considering becoming a PHP developer just to be in sync with WordPress. Though it isn’t necessary, I could follow along the PHP code just fine. A combination of Google and my own knowledge of coding constructs helped me customise my site and relaunch it.  You will see more blogging from me, since I have more time now….

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One comment on “Why WordPress instead of DNN?
  1. Ali Nawaz says:

    But Still DNN is much powerfull then WordPress :)

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