Minority Report is here

All of us remember Tom Cruise from Minority Report. He got to play with a cool ‘computer interface’. He could manipulate images and data through the flick of his hand. Well that technology is not in some futuristic world or time. It is here!!

Why is this relevant?

It is relevant because we are being bombarded with information from disparate sources. Our digital life is spread across various devices and silos. These silos need to communicate and give us meanigful information instead of just data. In this context meaning is not some universal construct, but a purely subjective one. What is meaningful to you might not mean the same to some one else observing the same set of data.

Though the above sixth sense demonstration looks quite cool, it is a long way off from Minority Report in the sense that it would require a lot of preliminary preference input. But it is a step in the right direction. When they invented electricity, they asked what is it useful for? Nobody thought cell phones would be useful. When I first saw communicators  in Star Trek, I thought it was quite a long way off.


But not only do we have cell phones, we have iPhones! That too in my own lifetime.

What next? Transporters and Tricorders?

Actually you can buy Tricorders and Communicators on Amazon right now!

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